As obvious, I'm still developing this website and I have to admit that I'm having a real trouble finding enough free time to dedicate to it, but well - that's what happens when you're overwhelmed with work, which is actually great!

Anyway, reason I'm writing this post (they are actually 2) is because:

1) I promised to update this site on a regular basis

2) I found a great online marketplace for royalty free stock music & stock audio called AudioJungle

Make sure to check this place out, it's really great! I'm already selling Inside there and got some nice feedback.

I'm really happy that I found that website, because I have dozens of compositions that are just laying down here, not being really suitable for band performances, carrying that soundtrack feel. So I'm gonna record those one by one and get them all up on AudioJungle and hopefully someone will pick them up and use them for a great video, or a short film, or a computer game, or something else... Whatever it is, I just have the feeling my compositions won't be wasted in there.

It's interesting to learn that AudioJungle is owned and operated by a company called Envato and these guys have like 10 other great websites, which allow people to share and sell their programming code, graphics, stock footage, music and anything else you can think of. I tell you - make sure to check them out!