New Track: Memories

I'm happy to announce the release of a new track! It's been 7 months since the release of "Inside" and I wanted to record a new piece for quite some time, but I've had so many things going on in my life that I couldn't really dedicate much time to making music.

I started working on "Memories" about two months ago, but then I got sick and was out of shape for several weeks, so the recording sessions were put on hold. Fortunately, this week I finally had some time and felt well enough to finish the track.

"Memories" is a melancholic piece inspired by soundtrack music. It would be really great if someone picks it up on AudioJungle and decides to use it in an actual film production - I'm really looking forward to see this happening. I've mentioned earlier that I feel my music won't be wasted on AudioJungle and it looks like I was right - "Inside" already sold a copy.

So, to sum it up, you can get a sneak peek at the new track through the SoundCloud widget below:

...And if you happen to have a SoundCloud account - I'd really appreciate your comments on the track. If you like the track and want to show some support, please consider sharing on Facebook, Twitter, etc. - I'd really appreciate that.

It's worth mentioning that during the recording sessions of "Memories", I was also able to test my brand new M-Audio KeyRig 49. This turned out to be a fantastic MIDI keyboard, even though it belongs to the budget class (costs about $140). It saves you so much time - you just plug it in the USB and you're ready to lay down some tracks. The keys are velocity-sensitive and I totally love their response - you can clearly hear how I played with the dynamics of the orchestral section in "Memories" and all of that was done with the KeyRig, so it's really awesome!

Now, apart from music, I've been also working on some interesting PHP projects lately and feel that there are some great tutorials that I can write based on them. So this will probably be the next thing I'm going to post in here, but we'll see when I'll have enough free time to do so.


Katherine wrote (3 years ago)

Marin, you have a sharper ear for music than I do. Or should I say you have more of a technical ear for it, because not only are you a musician (and a good one too), you're also a producer. As such, you'll pick up on stuff that I won't. All I heard was the emotion, the language. I loved it. It's beautiful.

Concentrate on what it is, rather than what it isn't or could have been.

Marin wrote (3 years ago)

Thanks. The only thing I regret for regarding this track is that I didn't spend too much time/money on good production and you can feel how the sound quality lacks a bit, but I still think it's a nice musical idea.

Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Katherine wrote (3 years ago)

Yoo hoooo, it's me again :-)

I really really like this song. Beautiful start. Tender start. The background music sounds intuitive, familiar, but familiar in a good way, like the language we spoke before the language we spoke.

This song could be about something sad, about regret, about letting go, or having to. Or it could be about loving someone so much you could cry. But about a quarter of the way towards the end, the rhythm picks up and speaks to me of survival, of having the courage to walk despite the pain, because somewhere deep down you know you must, and that the days will eventually get brighter. You will heal.